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Care and Maintenance
of your Concrete

We recommend that you Seal your Concrete

Sealing the concrete protects the surface from damage from road salts and brine that are used by the highway department during winter driving conditions. 
Salt, liquid salt, liquid calcium chloride, liquid magnesium chloride and swine urea are all used to melt snow and Ice from the roads in the area. All of these have the potential to damage the surface, causing scaling, spaling and delamination.
You should also not apply any salt, calcium chloride or other ice and snow melting products that are sold to the consumer to the surface of your concrete, these have the potential to cause just as much damage
Damage is more visible to
broom finished and stamped concrete surfaces
Although exposed aggregate finishes are damaged too,
the damage is not as obvious.
A better solution to would be carefully remove the snow from the surface and use cat litter or sand for walking traction on the remaining snow or ice.
Be careful when removing the snow and be aware that shovels can gouge the surface and leave permanent marks
Also snow removal with tractors or skid steer loaders can leave damage to the surface
Sealer also protects the surface from UV damage from the Sun and staining from leaves, silt, rust, bird droppings, dripped oil, transmission fluid and antifreeze from cars.
For Broom finished concrete a Penetrating Sealer should be used, these dry to a clear finish.
For Exposed Aggregate finished concrete a 25% or 30% Gloss sealer either clear or brown tone should be used.

For Stamped finished concrete the sealer chosen depends on the actual finish that has been applied to the concrete.

Sealer can be applied by you or if you choose we will be glad to give you a price for applying the sealer for you.

The sealer should be re-applied occasionally when it begins to wear off the surface, every two to three years.
You should keep your concrete clean by performing regular washings especially in the winter when temperatures permit.
As the concrete gets cracks in it paving joint sealers can  be used to seal the cracks. These come in a variety of colors so it is possible to use a color that closely matches or blends well with the color of the concrete.

By properly caring for and maintaining your concrete you will add many years of useful life to it as well as insuring that it will continue to look its best.
If you have any questions about care and maintenance please fee free to contact me
by phone or email

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